A picture says a thousand words,

add some text and it tells an extraordinary story!

Use slydy to create and embed beautiful slideshows, photo essays and listicles.

Make a slydy

Simple & Clean Design

Slydy is beautiful. It emphasises your content and keeps distractions at bay. Also, it always fits in with the design of your website no matter what.

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Slydy CMS

Easy & Intuitive Editor

It is extremely easy to make a Slydy and just like it, the editor is uncluttered and clean.

Embed with a single line of code

Just copy & paste one single line of code to your website or wordpress site and slydy is up in no time at all.

Embed with a single line of code

Measure your users' Engagement

With analytics and heat maps, you can track how well your content is performing.

Slydy Analytics
Cross Device Compatibility

Works on Every Device

When you embed a Slydy to your site, it runs smoothly on all of your users' devices

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Social Sharing and Embedding

It should be easy for your users to share a Slydy on Social Media and as you'd have guessed, we've built some right into it. Also these buttons don't clutter your slideshow all the while. They are available when they are supposed to - right at the end of the slideshow.

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